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Media Appearances

Pau A. Monserrat Valentí

Economist with experience in business management, specialized in the dissemination of the economy in the media. Expert economist on behalf of judicial proceedings related to financial products.

Magazine Extoikos • 2016 - 2017
Instituto Econospérides para la Gestión del Conocimiento Económico.

Articles "Educación financiera: el conflicto de interés" on issue #18 and "Cultura financiera y tecnofinanzas" on issue #19.

Book "La banca culpable" • 2013
La Esfera de los Libros

Deep analysis on how financial products where sold on bank offices. It also acts as basic manual about financial products.

Book "Monopoly BCN" • 2013
Ediciones Carena

Cooperation on several chapters defining financial products.


1st module of Bachelor on Law • Universitat de les Illes Balears
70,5 credits from 1st module on the UIB. Average rate: 7,14.

Bachelor on Business Administration and Business Management • Universitat de les Illes Balears
Bachelor of Business Administration on the UIB. Average rate: 7,32.

Licenciatura en Economía • Universitat de les Illes Balears
Average rate: 7,02.

Work Experience

Administrator de Enfintech Comparador S.L.
First portal in Spain that compares different products provided by fintech companies.

Associate Teacher of Financial Economy UIB
Teacher on several subject on groups GADE, GATU and GAID.

Partner of Futur Legal Futur Legal
Economist expert on a specialized office in banking law.

Administrator of - Futur Finances Balears S.L.
In the beginning the company act as mortgage broker and broker agent (Bankinter). Actually manages financial websites and specialized on mortgage-loans leads providers ( and

Head Editorial - iAhorro
Until 2016, in charge of financial contents, promoting a bank comparator service on media press with close to 1MM of users per month. After that date, in charge to manage an expert community.

Director Editorial de CrediMarket
Hasta mayo de 2011 gestioné los contenidos financieros y apariciones en medios de comunicación del comparador de bancos con más tráfico en España.

Partner in Carretero y Timoner S.A. Carretero y Timoner S.A.
Support on economic management and also administrative tasks on the extinct imitation jewelry company CATISA, in Maó (Menorca).

Head of Logistics I. Rufaro SL
Supervising the national delivery process. Cooperating on management tasks in Illes Balears HQ.

Employee on bank office Banco Zaragozano SA
Employee on several bank offices in Palma de Mallorca, developing comercial tasks and in charge of risk analysis on mortgate loans.

Tax and Accounting Advisor Despacho jurídico-económico Monserrat i Moll
Tax and Accounting Advisor on small and medium-size companies, working on my father's professional office (Antoni Monserrat Moll)

Ambulancias Mallorca S.COOP.
Stretcher of a medicalized ambulance.


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