Economist with experience in business management, specialized in spreading the economy in the media. Expert witness in legal proceedings related to financial products

Pau A. Monserrat Valentí

Registered n. 618 CEIB Chartered Economist specializing in personal finance.

Economic commentator in the media, with two reference appearances in Jordi Évole’s Salvados (2012 and 2013) extended to this day in different TV, radio and press media, from IB3 to Channel 4, from Ser Consumidores to Onda Cero, from LaSexta Columna to Equipo de Investigación or Espejo Público.

Versatile, diversified and informed optimist.



Lawsuits against banks, insurers and investment companies.


1.) Antoni Monserrat i Moll

My father was also an economist. From a Diploma in Business to a Bachelor, he finished his training cycle sharing some classes with me. Father and son experiences that are marked by fire.

Who can abstract from the influence of a charismatic, creative and generous father?

2.) My time in the financial sector

Knowing how commercial banking works from the inside has been useful for me to appreciate how important personal finance is and the shortcomings of the system.

At Banco Zaragozano I learned how important finances are to people and how bad some banks do it, for lack of motivation, remuneration policy and conflict of interest of their staff.

3.) Long and constant learning

Economic and legal training at the UIB, bank comparators (Bankimia.com, iAhorro.com), support for management in emblematic companies such as Catisa and forays into mortgage brokerage.

Appearances in the mass media such as Salvados, Espejo Público, Telediarios or El País and El Confidencial have given me the opportunity to shed light on issues that are often hidden about banking.

4.) My professional passions

Mortgages, tech-finance and consumer and user rights: Futur Finances, Futur Hipotecas, Futur Legal and Enfintech.com, Associate Professor at the UIB, CES Minister.

I work with passion, sweating and enjoying every moment. Just as I do not conceive life as the bland becoming of the minutes, I do not understand my profession without heart and soul.



Councillor • CES
Regular member of the Consell Econòmic i Social de les Illes Balears (CES), representing the associations of consumers and users.

Enfintech.com Administrator • Enfintech Comparador S.L.
First portal in Spain that compares the different products and services offered by the tech-financial companies or fintech companies.

Associate Professor of Financial Economics • UIB
Professor of theory and practice of the subject to groups of GADE, GATU and GAID.

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Futur Legal partner • Futur Legal
Economist expert from the firm specialized in banking law.

Futur Finances administrator  •Futur Finances
At the beginning it was a company that acted as a mortgage broker and credit institution agent (Bankinter). It currently manages online information portals and attracts customers seeking mortgage financing.
(FuturFinances.com and FuturHipotecas.com).

Editorial Director of iAhorro.com • iAhorro
I managed the financial content and appearances in media of the bank comparator, with a monthly traffic of almost one million users. At the same time I managed the community of experts and users of the portal.

Editorial Director of Bankimia.com • CrediMarket
I managed the financial contents and appearances in media of the comparator of banks with the most traffic in Spain.

CATISA partner • Carretero y Timoner S.A.
Support for the economic management and administration of the extinct CATISA costume jewelry factory in Maó (Menorca).

Logistics Manager I. Rufaro SL
Coordination of the collection and delivery of goods at national level. Collaboration in the management of the company in the Balearic Islands.

Bank branch employee • Banco Zaragozano SA
Worker in several bank offices in Palma de Mallorca. Commercial tasks and risk analysis of mortgage loans

Tax and accounting advisor  • Despacho jurídico-económico Monserrat i Moll
Tax and accounting advice for small and medium-sized companies in the professional office of my father Antoni Monserrat Moll

Ambulancias Mallorca S.COOP. •
Stretcher in a medicalized emergency ambulance.

Regulated training

Real Estate Loan Advisor
65-hour IFRI course and AIF certification.

First year of the Law Degree
Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB)
70.5 credits from the first cycle at UIB.

Degree in Administration
and Business Management

Degree in business management at the UIB.

Bachelor’s degree in Economics

Media appearances



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